Emergency Management


The mission of the Division of Emergency Management is to reduce risk to life and property before, during, and after a disaster and to create a more resilient Calvert County. 

We work to achieve this mission in several ways: Calvert County Division of Emergency Management

  • Conducting community outreach and public education to support a Culture of Preparedness
  • Reducing risk through hazard mitigation
  • Coordinating response and recovery efforts during and after a disaster
  • Ensuring the county's state of readiness with the development and maintenance of preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery plans
  • Supporting training and exercise efforts for county staff and partners

The Division of Emergency Management provides assistance in the event of any technological, human-caused, or natural disaster when:

  • Infrastructure is at risk of failure
  • The safety of the public is at risk
  • There is a potential loss of public property

Services Provided by During an Emergency

The Division of Emergency Management coordinates resources to provide the following services to residents during and after a disaster


  • During an evacuation
  • During an extended power outage or during a heat- or cold-related event
  • If homes have been damaged to the point of being non-inhabitable

Emergency Food and Water

In the event of a catastrophic failure of the infrastructure to supply food and water to the population, food and water obtained from State and local resources will be provided at identified points of distribution.


During an emergency that involves flooding, sandbags will be provided to a level that will mitigate the damage to a person's property.

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