Careers in Technology Services

Not Just Another Job...

This is local government, but we are breaking the mold. We embrace technology and are dynamic, agile and strive to be the best we can be. We support the county’s key services and offer unparalleled exposure to a wide range of industries and sectors of the economy. We value a work-life balance, have a generous training budget and offer great benefits. We push the county forward through innovation and technology to create value for our citizens.

If you are looking for work that’s meaningful, challenging, highly visible and directly impacts the community in which we live- then you’re in the right place. Every day will be different, you may be replacing a network cable for our TV station, improving the software solutions at the County golf course, mapping access control at the detention center or maintaining technology in police response vehicles. Working at Calvert County Technology services is exciting, will push you to be the best you can be and will never feel like just another day at the office.

Qualifications recently gained by our staff offered by the County- CISSP, PMP, GISP, ITIL, CND, BSc, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.

Five reasons to work in local government- Variety of work, meaningful projects, great work-life balance, excellent training, career advancement opportunities.

Join our skilled team! There are always opportunities for growth.

Rob Denton headshot

Rob Denton, Infrastructure Manager

I started working at Calvert County Government as an intern for Technology Services while still in high school. After graduating, I was hired as a full-time Computer Services Technician. I have been with Calvert County Government for sixteen years and held multiple positions along the way. 

I recently transitioned to an upper management position of Infrastructure Manager where I oversee our Asset and Network Team. I was able to achieve this career growth by taking advantage of programs like tuition assistance, where Calvert County Government helps fund college courses in the pursuit of a degree. 

One thing I love about working with Calvert County Government is the outreach and impact we have on the citizens of Calvert County. It allows me to give back to the community that raised me.

Lionell Sewell headshot

Geographic Information Systems 

Lionell Sewell, GIS Supervisor

Calvert County Government’s Technology Services Department is a great place to work as a Geographic Information Systems professional. The department’s culture promotes collaboration, professionalism, self-improvement and a positive and empowering work environment for all staff. 

Technology constantly changes and being a part of our Technology Services Department ensures that staff are either at or ahead of the change curve. More importantly, the work performed is meaningful to staff and citizens. Many resources produced by the GIS team assist staff and citizens with decision-making; including home projects, redistricting and 9-1-1 emergency response. This diverse project portfolio keeps our staff sharp and learning new things each and every day.

Kat Poff TS Deputy Director


Kat Poff, Deputy Director/Chief Information Security Officer

I started working for Calvert County Government, Technology Services in 2000 and love my job! It's the main reason I made Calvert County my permanent home. I started out as a Systems Administrator and the job duties expanded to a Network Administrator position. In that time, I have seen the county's use of technology grow exponentially. Every single day is different, and the people who work in the department really do function as one big happy family! 

The county has an outstanding training program, and I have made good use of it. Cybersecurity has always been my love, and Calvert County has supported my training and provided other opportunities to learn and grow. I recently was promoted to Deputy Director of Technology Services and the duties of a CISO are incorporated into my role. Cybersecurity changes minute by minute—and so do the tactics that the bad guys use to circumvent that cybersecurity—so I am looking forward to many more years of helping keep Calvert County government safe from the bad guys!

Current Job Opportunities within Technology Services: