Who Uses Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS)?

Therapeutic Recreation Services are offered to anyone who would like to participate in recreation. Most people who utilize TRS are people with differing abilities who may need assistance in obtaining activity skills or participating in a community recreation program. If you are interested, please contact TRS.

Inclusion Services

Calvert County welcomes individuals of all abilities into our classes and activities. A therapeutic recreation specialist will help to determine the level of support needed for successful participation into the program, activity or class. Accommodations are available for successful integration.

Individualized Services

If an individual needs assistance in making recreation and leisure choices or exploring new and different possibilities, this service may be for you. A therapeutic recreation specialist will meet with a participant to complete a participant profile, recreation interest survey and help the participant determine recreation and leisure goals.

Specialized Services

These programs are open to everyone but are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with physical, mental and/or emotional disabilities. Programs may include summer swim parties, discovery clinics, social clubs and much more.

Get Involved
Volunteers are vital in providing therapeutic recreation services. If you are interested in volunteering with individuals who have differing abilities, we have the opportunity for you. Volunteers will gain rewarding experience through assisting recreation staff with a variety of programs.

Volunteer opportunities may include, but are not limited to, inclusion companions, special events, instructing classes and much more. If you or an organization are interested, please contact Therapeutic Recreation Services.


 Using the website or program guide, decide on a program of your interest. Complete the registration form or register online. If accommodations are needed, please complete the box or answer the ADA questions online. Staff will complete an accommodations request form when registration is received. Once the request form is received, Therapeutic Recreation Services will contact the participant to discuss accommodations.

Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS) Email List

 In effort to reach more people, TRS has developed an email list to better publicize upcoming events and new resources. If you are interested in receiving emails from TRS please email Joy Weir or Emily Sullivan requesting to be placed on the email list.