Permitting Process

How Do I Get the Proper Permits

The Division of Inspections and Permits is responsible for issuing building, grading, electrical, plumbing, and gas permits.

Permit Process

Once the appropriate permit applications have been completed by the applicant and processed, they will be distributed to all applicable review agencies for review and approval. The applicant will be contacted by the Division of Inspections and Permits when the permit is ready for payment.

Within 48 hours of payment a permit will be issued to the applicant and construction can proceed. The applicant or the master electrician / plumber is then responsible for contacting the office to schedule all required inspections.


The Division of Inspections and Permits performs field inspections on these projects to ensure compliance with applicable codes. Types of inspections conducted by staff include, but are not limited to, building construction, electrical installation, plumbing installation, fire protection, and accessibility.