Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse


The Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc (CAASA), is a grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to fighting alcohol and other drug abuse in Calvert County.  In addition, CAASA is a non-profit corporation that raises funds to support this vital effort.

Contact Information:
Office Address: 30 Duke Street, Suite 104, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2104, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Phone Number: 410-535-3733
Facebook Page
Twitter: @CAASAmd

Vision Statement

An engaged community supporting a healthy lifestyle that is aware of current drug and alcohol trends and available recovery support resources. 

Mission Statement

CAASA will engage the community by bringing awareness to current drug trends and will encourage a healthy lifestyle. 


  • To assist businesses in promoting an alcohol-free and drug-free workplace
  • To encourage citizens to take an active role in preventing substance abuse
  • To foster an attitude that alcohol and drug abuse is unacceptable
  • To help abusers and their families achieve a drug-free lifestyle
  • To support the expansion of school-based substance abuse prevention activities

The Drug-Free Community Bill of Rights

  • The right to a place of work that is free of drug or alcohol abuse
  • The right to beaches, parks and other recreational settings, which are free of illegal drugs and drug or alcohol abuse
  • The right to communities that support healthy, drug- and alcohol-free lifestyles
  • The right to homes and neighborhoods free of illegal drugs and drug abuse
  • The right to schools and colleges free of illegal drugs and drug or alcohol abuse
  • The right to streets and highways free of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs