Income Taxes

State Corporate Income Tax

  • Base - Federal taxable income: 8.25%
  • No county tax

State Personal Income Tax

  • Graduated tax ranges from 2.0% to 5.75% depending on income

County Personal Income Surtax

  • Base - Federal adjusted gross income: 3.0%

Property Taxes

Type of Property Tax
Calvert County
State of Maryland 
Business personal property tax rate - Per $100 of depreciated value 



Manufacturing, R&D machinery, equipment, materials and supplies



Manufacturing, R&D machinery and warehousing inventory



Real property - Effective rate per $100 of assessed value



Note: There are some miscellaneous taxes and/or special taxing areas within Calvert County. In an incorporated area, the county rate may vary and a municipal rate will also apply.

Sales and Use Tax

  • Calvert County - None
  • State of Maryland - 6%

Exemptions to the Sales & Use Tax

  • Sales for resale
  • Manufacturer's purchase of raw materials
  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • Purchases of materials and equipment used in research, development, and testing of finished products
  • Purchases of computer programs for reproduction or incorporation into another computer program for resale