Examination Process


Before examination, inquiry in the form of an application for examination shall be made to the board. The board reviews and approves this application based on the personal character, education, experience and practical knowledge of electricity of the applicant, the results of which shall become the property of the board.


All applicants must have applications on file with the board at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled written examination before being permitted to take said written examination or being reviewed for license.

The Board shall notify each applicant that it has received their application for examination at least 10 days prior to the scheduled exam. If the applicant fails to take their examination when scheduled by the Board, an additional application and application fee will be required.

Application for Examination Fees (non-refundable)

All applicants granted permission to take the written examination shall pay the following examination fees.

  • Master: $150
  • Restricted Master: $150
  • Low Voltage: $150
  • Journeyman: $100
  • Homeowner: $35


Examinations shall be held four times each calendar year on the last Saturday of January, April, July and October with at least two board members present.

Written Examination

The written examination for all classes of licenses shall be predicated upon the standards of the National Electrical Code and the Calvert County Code as well as the natural laws of electricity and the rules and regulations adopted by the board.

Master Electrical Examination

An applicant seeking permission to take the written examination for the Master electrician must:

  • have been continuously engaged as a journeyman as the primary occupation during the three years immediately preceding the date of application, or
  • have seven years total in the electrical trade under the supervision of a master electrician, or
  • have successfully completed a formal study and had training in electrical installations at a trade school or other educational institution.

Consideration will be given, if in the opinion of the board such education and training should have provided the knowledge and skill required of a master electrician.

Examination Grading

In order to qualify for master, restricted master, low voltage or journeyman licenses being granted the applicant must receive a grade constituting, at least, 70 percent of the total possible point credits in the examination or its equivalent as graded by at least two board members.


Each applicant who has taken a written examination shall be notified as soon as practical thereafter of the pass / fail grade which they received. Each applicant receiving a passing grade shall be notified that upon payment, within 30 days, of the appropriate license fee to the board they shall be issued the license for which they were examined.


The use of any unauthorized material or other misbehavior of the applicant during examination shall cause the immediate rejection of the application and barring from re-examination for a period of six months. Any such rejection shall be permanently noted in the minutes of the board.

Re-Examination Procedures

Persons who have failed the written examination for any class license shall not be entitled to re-examination until the following periods have elapsed from the date of the preceding examination:

  • After the first examination, not less than three months
  • After the second examination, not less than six months
  • After the third examination, not less than 12 months
  • All examinations thereafter, not less than 12 months

The above periods shall not apply when the re-examination is ordered by the panel of arbitration.