Adult Guardianship Review Board


State law requires each local Department of Social Services to implement a program of protective services for disabled individuals and vulnerable adults. Each jurisdiction must appoint an Adult Guardianship Review Board to review guardianships held by public agencies within their area. The Board is an interdisciplinary team that acts as consultants to the public guardians to review public guardianship cases and make recommendations to the court to either continue, modify, or terminate guardianship.


As needed, but not more than twice yearly.


The Board of County Commissioners shall appoint 11 members, of which at least:

  • 1 shall be a professional representative of a local department
  • 1 shall be a physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, or physician who is not a psychiatrist
  • 1 shall be a psychiatrist
  • 1 shall be a representative of a local Commission on Aging
  • 1 shall be a professional representative of a local nonprofit social services
  • 1 shall be a lawyer
  • 2 shall be lay individuals
  • 1 shall be a registered nurse
  • 1 shall be a professional in the field of disabilities
  • 1 shall be a person with a physical disability

The term of each member shall be three years.

Open Meetings Statement

The Adult Guardianship Review Board has not met in 2 years. Future agendas will be available via Agenda Center.


For more information call Lorraine Joyner at 410-535-1600, ext. 8803.